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Karibu Children's Paradise (KCP) - PNG i

Finding Their Happiness

Character First Initiative Uganda (CFIU) recognizes that there is a need to help an abundance of children that are orphaned, from households where the parents are drug and alcohol abusers, and those that are victimized by domestic violence/child abuse.

We envision a safe place for those mentioned above. By constructing a children’s revival home for those victimized, it can act as a rehabilitation center and provides the basic necessities to assisting them through these hard times.

Making a Difference

Due to lack of finances, we started by taking baby steps towards a brighter future by using activities to:

- Sensitize the community of the dangers of using narcotics

- Engaging in campaigns for no violence against children

- Holding community talks to the parents and other community members to raise awareness

- Providing counselling and guidance to drug abusers and alcoholics

- Advocating for legal interventions by working with law enforcers and other governing bodies.

To obtain funds to make this happen, we held fundraisers in an attempt to provide school materials and other necessities to the vulnerable children who found themselves in these circumstances. 

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