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Fun While Learning

CFIU appreciates and understands the happiness that inevitably comes with music and sports. We know that by engaging the community in such activities like music, dance and drama, games, and sport, we are able to interact together and provide an opportunity to discuss the possible solutions to the problems we face.


We also use MSP to assist the children and youth in discovering their talents and help them reach their full potential. We all know that talent can be found if exposed to a scenario where they have to use it and plays a major part in character development.


Distraction and Entertainment

While involving them in such activities (musical shows, sports galas, and tournaments), we can incorporate important, underlying messages and information that relate to their ongoing issues. Our main focus in these situations is to promote Sexual Reproductive and Health Rights, and HIV/Aids Awareness and Prevention.

Engaging the youth in such activities that entail entertainment, it is also a channel/platform we can use to divert their minds from thoughts that may lead them to indulging in other juvenile activates.

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