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Personal Growth is Key

CFIU works with the youth and women by empowering them with vocational training and hands on skills in hair dressing, tailoring, knitting, crocheting, carpentry, artwork and crafting, bakery, plumbing, and catering.

Poverty is the most severe problem in the Kalungu District and with this program we are working within the community to eradicate it by providing the necessary and marketable skills to women in order to obtain a job. 

Cultivating Innovation

We sat down as a team when embarking on this program and saw it as a way for the community to create jobs for themselves. This is an alternative to seeking causal employment that has kept them in absolute poverty for a long time.

In our strive for job creation through a skill development approach, we are faced by quite a number of challenges. For example, lack of machines and equipment along with training space availability. However, with our 2 sewing machines and 1 rented knitting machine, we continue to train and develop individuals as much as we can. 

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